The Only Course Taught by Journalists to Get Your Company in the News

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The Gatekeeper Course teaches you the 7 things you need to do to get on the news, increase client visibility and your reputation.

With the FREE Gatekeepers Course, you will…

The gatekeeper course teaches us how to make a plan
Learn the 7 ways to land your company on the news

Find out what tips will help get you, or your company in the news with proven strategies that work. Learn from actual journalists vetting pitches every single day.

JJ Jaramillio - a journalist for the gatekeeper course
“Who is the Gatekeeper, how many times did you try to reach them?”

 Follow-up is key not only to get your company in the news but also for building relationships with journalists. Find out what journalists love and hate when it comes to pitching.

An organized table of a journalist before starting to write a proper news
Learn why your current attempts at publicity are failing

It’s hard to pitch if you are pitching something irrelevant to the current news cycle. Find out how you can improve your press release and pitch to ensure they get seen by the Gatekeeper.

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The gatekeeper course discusses the 7 Tips to Getting on the News
7 Tips to Getting on the News
The Gatekeeper Course teaches on how to take a good video
What You’re Doing Wrong
The Gatekeeper Course give us insights about writing a proper press release
How to Write the Proper Press Release
Alia Henson is happy to answer your calls for the gatekeeper course
Chat one-on-one with Journalists

15-minute consultation to talk to a journalist one on one

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how to conduct a meeting properly

The Gatekeeper Course will teach you how to conduct a meeting properly

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